Cracked Crushed Destroyed T-Shirt Textures - Procreate Version

  • $ 25.00

These overlay textures and Procreate brushes will crack, crush and destroy your images, making them look worn in, worn out and vintage like your favorite shirt from the back of your closet. 

I've been designing t-shirts for most of my life and up until recently I've been making each distressed texture "from scratch" for every design. I realized this was a big waste of time and set out to make a set that can be used over and over again. This texture pack will save you tons of time, whether you're designing for screen printing, direct to garment, selling on etsy, Merch by Amazon, or any other online print on demand service.

Included in this awesome set are 10 pre-made distressed textures and 40 Procreate texture brushes.

How to Use This product.

• Brushes: load brushes into Procreate and stamp or draw your textures right on top of your image. We recommend using a transparent layer above your art or a layer mask, so you can add your texture without affecting your original art work.

• Transparent background 4500x5400 pixel PNG file You can also use these files in Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Just import and place above your art work.